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Maroon Tarot

Výrobce: Tomasz Maronski
Katalogové číslo: 0-000-000-0
Skladem: 0 karty

tarotMaroon Tarot

Autoři: Tomasz Maronski, Maja Zaworowska
Velikost: 7cm x 12cm

Some say that one of the most characteristic features of the Maroon Tarot is the size of the images of people there: a number of them seem to be quite small as if neglected in the magnificent world around them. Still when holding the cards one intuitively feels that strong power coming from the deck's characters. That becomes a universal message saying that everyone has unlimited abilities if he/she uses the power of their soul and their free will is directed in the right manner to shape oneself and one's fate. It is specifically intense in the Magician's card. Thanks to this fabulous world the Maroon Tarot introduces us into the hidden world of the unconscious where we can meet our mind's creations.
Although the deck is different from the classic Tarot one can find all the messages. It is up to us if we start looking for references to the Christian tradition, Kabbalah or our dreams being the materialization of our hopes and fears. Exploration of the Maroon Tarot is like 'mind-hiking'. On the journey We find the symbolics of the Tarot in our minds. In the subconscious the characters of the cards can be discovered with the Fool himself sitting in the front row...
The deck is beautifully made: the cards have UV lack on both sides and the size of the cards is optimal: 7cm x 12cm.
Sběratelské vydání.

Popisky: polsky, anglicky

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