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Carlos Antonio Montenegro: Mayombero Black Magic Rituals

Výrobce: IndPro
Katalogové číslo: MBMR
Skladem: 0 kniha

Mayombero Black Magic Rituals

The congo pantheon of Gods, higher congo Gods, the congo nkisi, the spirit zarabanda, mpaka, how to prepare the ozun of the nganga, how to prepare the kiyumba (skull) of the spirit nganga, how to prepare the lucero of the spirit zarabanda, cana brava, how to make the sacred spirit omiero, magical ingredients, magical dirts, magical prepared candles and their meanings, congo prayer, candle magic spells and rituals and much more.

Carlos Antonio Montenegro is experienced Mayombero (Congo Religion Priest) and Quimbandeiro who is recognized throughout the world for his writings about how to practice Congo and Orixa Religion, magical formulas as well as magical abilities. He is also initiated into many other magical traditions as well as belonging to several Occult Secret Mystic Societies. He is the founder of the American Candomble Church and the Mictlan-Montenegro Latin American Witchcraft Rite. Over the past 25 or so years that he has been preparing sacred religious items for individuals and performing thousands of initiations for individuals into the Congo and Candomble De Congo Orixa Mysteries, he has developed this sacred African sorcery art form into a very fine science. As an experienced Tata and High Priest of the Congolese Religion, he believes that an individual must find a particular spiritual path and religious philosophy which is comfortable for you. “There are many paths and roads to the “Sacred and to the Divine”.

Rok vydání 2014
Vydání 2.
Nosič 1xkniha
Vazba brožovaná
Počet stran 336
Rozměr 14x20 cm

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