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Za Frümi: Legends (Act 4) - Orders (CD)

Výrobce: Waerloga
Katalogové číslo: WAER014
Termín dodání (dny): 1
Skladem: 1 CD

Sounddark wave

Pro všechny ctitele fantasy světů, hrdinů a mýtů! Toto je dlouho očekávaná čtvrtá kapitola Legend, Řády, v podání Za Frümi.
Full leanght CD, 10 Tracks, Act 4 in the instrumental Legends series.
This album is inspired by the Orders in the world of Za Fru^mi. An outstanding album released the same day as Legends act 3 - Cults with esoteric, deep, mysterious traditions, higly cinematic, dark, magical and breathtaking fantasy music.
This album redifines and reinvent the genre of dark ambient and fantasy music. A very good competitor to Legends act 3 - Cults for the title of albums of the year. A True Masterpiece!
The Orders of the world are the secret society´s with the power behind the thrones in many cities. They have often carefully graded and progressed teachings which are available only to a very selected few, an elite. The teachings lead to hidden and highly unique truths which bring personal benefits beyond the reach and even the understanding of the uninitiated. Secret rituals, oath´s and obligations vary but are always present. The Orders are esoteric with roots in different mysterious traditions from all over the world. Even though there of course exist military Orders they are set apart from the truly secretive ones with the real knowledge of the dark arts and the complexity of alchemy.
The music on this album is cinematic and explores the Orders of the world of Za Frumi.
In Ordo Intedob all manifested existence arise from the interaction of two cosmic principles… Beneath the broad tides of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of this secret society, which frequently determine in the depth the changes that take place upon the surface.
Deep down under the great cities of the world, in thick hides the Ordo Inano dwell, gather and protect great secrets. One of the strengths of the Order lies in its concealment; it never appear in any place in its own name, but always concealed by another, and another occupation.
In the bosom of Ber´geliaz lies the great mysteries of the world, It´s brain have solved all problems in philosophy and life. The Order of Ber´geliaz posses many artifacts and unfathomable secrets which answers how to unlock the ancient dream of making every man a god.
Ordo Defelgratio Inano Arctarus sprung from the Ordo Inano live among the people often in disguise as priests of deities with a lot of power. They are the seekers of the eternal void and practitioners of black magic and the administration of blood oaths.
On all the big fencing schools around the world they have different secret attacks, only to be used as absolutely last resort. Ordo Botta Secreta is an order of old weapon masters whom left their schools to search the true dark magic in martial arts and fencing.
The guardians of the evil spirits of the world, the Ari, are bordering to be a cult. Ordo Custos Ari, are always attempting to reach the spirits of the world.
Ordo Nindyn Vel´uss Noamuth are those who wander. The, most of all, dark elven order spend the nights in crypts and grand mausoleums carrying out dark and morbid rites of power.
An extreme elite and ancient order which once was formed by the dark lord Asomir bare its creators name. His order strive to find and use souls for their own needs. Experimentation with, ways to convert oneself to higher beings, and to tie the own soul to an object, are common.
Alchemy is not just a science nor is it a simple philosophy. The overall attempt of alchemists such as the ones in Ordo Templi Sulfurium Draconis is to understand the foundation of the cosmos.

The legendary Ordo Koum Janoh´te gather around the principles of the mysteries of life, the magic of the night and self mastery.

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1. Ordo Intedob
2. Ordo Inano
3. Ordo Ber´geliaz
4. Ordo Defelgratio Inano Arcturus
5. Ordo Vortokh
6. Ordo Botta Secreta
7. Ordo Custos Ari
8. Ordo Nindyn Vel´uss Noamuth
9. Ordo Asomir
10. Ordo templi sulfurium Draconis
11. Ordo Koum Janoh´te

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